Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cardinal Glennon's

I signed up with Uncle Bruce to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald Family Room in Cardinal Glennons. I went for training today and this was my first time back since losing Asa. I cried in the waiting room in the NICU, where I had gone to visit some of his nurses, and I saw the ER doctor who was there on Christmas. I didn't say anything to him, what is there to say I guess, but overall it was really good to go back there. I am excited about volunteering and talking to the families who are there with their little people. I saw a baby who would be about Asa's age now getting wheeled around wrapped up in blankets in a wagon. He/she had on a little duck sleep sack that we had for Asa. I totally just wanted to pick this child up and love on it... I think its time for a baby.