Saturday, January 10, 2009

The last few days

Andrew and I are still staying with his folks. We've got a contract on a house. We started looking while Asa was still with us, and decided to keep the momentum going. With that my mood has kind of gone from constantly melancholy to happy and excited followed immediately by sad and lonley. We really need this to change the momentum. We basically felt like we were at where we were a year ago, asking ourselves, "Should we buy a house? Should we have a baby? Should I go to grad school now?" I want to go back to our apartment, it reeks of Asa and our time with him. To me, I want to go back and continue mourning him. My husband never needs to go back there again. Its not a part of the process for him. We should get the autopsy results soon, possibly this week. Maybe we should wait until after that to go home. I guess this is the equivalent of blog rambling.

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